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Sweden Welcomes Two New Schools to the HTEC Community

Zaventem, October 21, 2013: Early October was an auspicious period for Swedish Haas Factory Outlet (HFO), Edströms, based in Jönköping, Sweden. As well as announcing the forthcoming opening of its second Haas sales and service facility, in Gothenburg, the company also presided over the grand opening of two new Haas Technical Education Centres (HTECs): The Norra Västmanlands Utbildningsförbund (NVU) Fagersta HTEC, on October 3rd; and the upper secondary school Möckelngymnasiet Karlskoga HTEC, on October 4th. The new facilities are Sweden’s second and third HTECs, respectively.

“The HTEC programme is already well known in Sweden,” says Edströms managing director, Henrik Olsson. “When these two schools contacted us with their plans and their proposal to join the network, to attract a greater number of young people to study precision engineering, we were only too happy to oblige.”

Mr. Goran Wänglöf, chairman at NVU Fagersta, claims that his school is now the only training center north of Stockholm offering hands-on experience in practical machining skills using advanced CNC machine tools. NVU and local businesses including Seco Tools AB, Atlas Copco Secoroc AB, Grantek AB, Fagersta Stainless AB and Systemair, have between them invested €230,000 in infrastructure and equipment to ensure students are taught on the best available equipment and to the highest level. The school’s new HTEC boasts a VF-2 vertical machining centre with an HRT-160 CNC rotary table, as well as two latest generation Haas ST-10 CNC turning centres.

Mrs. Gunilla Ericsson, director of the Möckelngymnasiet, spoke after the opening event about the benefits that the HTEC program will bring to the community of Karlskoga: "It’s not enough to think about how we can save existing manufacturing jobs,” she said. “The conversation must also include what lies ahead; we need to think about how to shape the future. Haas Automation’s involvement here at our school is vital if we are to strengthen and improve the education we offer our students, and increase opportunities for collaboration between schools and businesses." The Möckelngymnasiet HTEC includes two Haas TM-1P CNC toolroom mills, and an SL-10 CNC turning centre.

Lars Lundh, managing director of the Möckeln industry association, added. "This fantastic new HTEC will be a hub for students, teachers and representatives from business and industry to meet, collaborate and create mutually beneficial solutions. Everyone stands to benefit,” he said, “including the region as a whole.”

Mr. Bert Maes is marketing manager at Haas Automation Europe. In the past few years, he has overseen the opening of most of Europe’s 74 HTECs: "I’m pleased to say these two schools are exemplary amongst some very prestigious peers,” he says. “They have the energy, commitment and ambition to benefit their local economies, now and long into the future, with talent-driven innovation.

“These regions are steeped in industrial and manufacturing history, with a great deal of indigenous skill. Over the next few years, we expect to see resurgence in local industry, including the reopening of the iron ore mines that once flourished here. By partnering with these schools, we hope to help local businesses and the country’s manufacturing industries in general grow and thrive, creating high tech, well-paid jobs long into the future.”